Global International Development, Inc.

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Infrastructure Development

Global International Development, Inc. provides qualified project management personnel necessary for the successful completion of any construction project. Our Construction Project Management team has a strong foundation in all aspects of construction and holds numerous distinction, including Professional Engineers. The educational background of the Construction Project Management group includes Civil Engineering, Construction Management, and various Master’s  Degrees in Quality Control and General Engineering. We have in-house training, to develop valuable skills based on Program Management.


Professional project managers develop written and graphical plans for the execution of the project scope of work, including supervision, mobilization, cost, and schedule controls, material procurement, quality control, safety, and logistics.


Project Management functions include:


* Detailed Scope of Work


* Project Kickoff and Continued Supervision


* Project Scheduling and Tracking


* Cost Estimates


* If Needed Subcontractor Pre-Qualification


* Contract Administration


* Quality Control Audits


* Safety Program Management


* Material Management


* Timely Delivery of Close-out Documentation